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Wsurf::Wsurf Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def AddEvent
def addPane
def AddPreferencePage
def analysis_addWaveform
 a few convenience methods
def analysis_createPitch
def analysis_createSpectrogram
def analysis_createWaveform
def analysis_widgetCreated
def analysis_widgetDeleted
def applyConfiguration
def ChooseConfigurationDialog
def closeWidget
def copy
def create
def CreateUniqueTitle
def cut
def deletePane
def dump
def findPane
def formatTime
def GetConfigurations
def GetCurrent
def getInfo
def GetLocalConfigurations
def GetPreference
def GetPreferencePages
def GetPreferences
def getSound
def GetStandardConfigurations
def GetWidgetPath
def Initialize
def loadConfiguration
def loadConfiguration
def MakeCurrent
def messageProc
def NeedSave
def needSave
def new
def openFile
def paste
def pause
def play
def playall
def playcont
def playDone
def playPopupMenu
def playvisib
def popupMenu
def PrepareUndo
def print_preview
def print_print
def print_save
def printDialog
def record
def saveConfiguration
def saveFile
def SetDefaultPrefs
def SetPreference
def stop
def timeaxis_addTimeAxis
def undo
def updateBounds
def xscroll
def xscroll_moveto
def xzoom
def zoomToSelection

Static Public Attributes

 getPanes = _getPanes

Private Member Functions

def _getPanes

Detailed Description

Class definition for Wsurf widget 

Definition at line 51 of file Wsurf.py.

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